Das Unheimliche And Women: The Case of “The Tales of Hoffmann” , International Journal of Music, New Sound, Issue No. 46, II/2015


Is There Such Thing As a Phoenix or We Just Talk About Architectural Object and Its Near- Doppelganger, International Conference Radical Space In Between Disciplines, Novi Sad, SCen – Centre for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology, Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTS), University of Novi Sad (UNS), september 21-23, 2015 


This Gate Was Made Only For You,
ON ARCHITECTURE – REWORKING THE CITY THROUGH NEW ARCHITECTURE, STRAND – Sustainable Urban Society Association, Gallery of Science and Technology – Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Đure Jakšića 2, Belgrade, 3-4 December 2015

The artist’s book This Gate Was made Only For You is about the very relation between architecture and book in terms of both the  form and the content. The form of a book as a codex with bind pages repeating the form of the door while the book’s content / narrative induces a spatial experience in the way that theturn of every page seems to be just another opening of the door and passing through until the reader comes to the last page / door after which the process (Der Prozess, Franz Kafka ) of the story ends.


Knez Mihailova 53/Knez Mihailova 53
Galerija FLU, Beograd, 2014

Knez Mihailova 53, Knez Mihailova 53 is project made for Fine Art Faculty Gallery, Belgrade. Installation made of of the machine made lace is in the middle of the Gallery stretched between two columns and it is same size as entrance portal. Thus, this entrance portal (door and window) is “translated” as lace made portal: they both become doubles. Being transparent, it is possible to see through it. Public space of the street and inside public space of the gallery is connected. Also, the project refers to Marko Stojanović private house designed by architect Konstantin Jovanović in 1889. Later on, this house inhabited the Fine Art Academy.